: For the 80-th anniversary of the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, hononary rector of the National University of Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Chemistry Valentyn Petrovych Chernykh

In January 5, 2020, Valentyn Petrovych Chernykh, the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, hononary rector of the National University of Pharmacy (NUPh), Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Chemistry, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Honored Inventor of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology of Ukraine, celebrated his anniversary.

Half a century of his life is devoted to the noble mission – training of specialists for the pharmaceutical industry, the research and academic staff, reconstruction and reorganization of the National University of Pharmacy, the main pharmaceutical higher school in Ukraine, reforming of the higher pharmaceutical education and pharmaceutical branch of the healthcare of Ukraine. Valentyn Petrovych had come a long way from a student, postgraduate student, teaching assistant, associate professor, professor, head of the Department, dean, vice-rector for academic affairs to the rector of the National University of Pharmacy, which he headed from 1980 to 2017.

V.P. Chernykh is a well-known statesman and public figure, participates in the work of science and public institutions, is a member of the Department of Chemistry at the NAS of Ukraine, a member of the Chemistry and Chemical Technology subdivision of the Committee on State Prizes in Science and Technology. He heads the specialized Academic Council D 64.605.01 of the NUPh and the Expert Problem Commission “Pharmacy”. Valentyn Petrovych is a president of the public organization “Kharkiv Regional Pharmacy Association”, member of the Board of the public association “All-Ukrainian Pharmacy Chamber”; he is also the chief research consultant of the following scientific journals: “Journal of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry”, “Social Pharmacy in Health Care”, “Clinical Pharmacy”, “Ukrainian Biopharmaceutical Journal”, a scientific consultant of “News of Pharmacy” journal. He also carries out active international and educational activities.

At the initiative and with direct participation of V. P. Chernykh the Pharmacist’s Day (1999) became an official State professional holiday in Ukraine; the state honorary title “Honored pharmacist of Ukraine” (2006) was introduced; the V, VI, VII, and VIII National Congresses of Pharmacists of Ukraine were held at the premises of the University.

Valentyn Petrovych is an outstanding scientist in the field of organic chemistry, and his works are well known to the scientific community in Ukraine and abroad. He is the author of more than 1300 scientific publications, including articles in the field of organic, pharmaceutical, physical and organic, medical chemistry and research of the biological activity of the substances synthesized, 27 monographs, 10 textbooks, including the textbook “Organic Chemistry” in 3 volumes, which was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 2000 (the textbook is published in Ukrainian, Russian, and English), as well as 69 study guides, and 67 author’s texts of lectures. The second edition of the textbook “Organic Chemistry” (2007, 2008) is the first color edition of the textbook on chemistry in Ukraine. In 2014, the textbooks “Organic Chemistry” (2007, 2008) and “Clinical Pharmacy” (2013) were classified as national textbooks by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. V. P. Chernykh has created a powerful scientific school that successfully solves theoretical and applied problems in the field of organic synthesis, physical and organic chemistry and pharmacy. He has trained more than 60 Doctors and 650 Candidates (PhD) of Sciences.

Novelty and priority of his research have been confirmed by 126 patents, 341 certificates of authorship (among them 119 – on methods for obtaining BAS and studying the pharmacological action of the substances synthesized). Valentyn Petrovych is the author and co-author of 16 original medicines. The methodology for the design and synthesis of BAS developed by V.P. Chernykh enabled the synthesis of several medicinal substances and development of the following new medicines on their basis: a hypoglycemic drug “Glysulfasid”, an anti-diabetic agent “Diacamph”, a hemostatic drug “Succifenate”, an analgesic “Analben”, an anti-inflammatory agent “Melin”, an analgesic “Valcophen”, an analgesic “Paravit”, a hepatoprotector “Piflamin”, an anti-arthrosis drug “Oxaglucamine” and others. This methodology also allowed developing the analytical documentation, master production records and other components of the registration dossier for industrial production.

The achievements of the famous scientist, educator, organizer, statesman and public figure were repeatedly marked by the state: Valentyn Petrovych was awarded the Order “Badge of Honour” (1971), the Order “Red Banner of Labour” (1986), the Order of Ukraine “For Merit” of the І-st (2004), ІІ-nd (2000), ІІІ-d (1996) classes, the Orders of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the V-th (2007) and IV-th (2010) class. He has honorary titles the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine (1991), the Honored Inventor of Ukraine (1982), the honorary citizen of Kharkiv (2011), a merit badge of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “For Scientific Achievements” (2013).

In 1999 the International Biographical Center and the American Biographical Institute recognized V.P. Chernykh as one of 500 most influential and outstanding scientists in the world.

Dear Valentin Petrovich, please accept the most sincere congratulations from the academic community of the National University of Pharmacy and wishes for new achievements, inexhaustible creative inspiration, and good health!

Rector of the NUPh A. A. Kotvitska