α(β)-Sulfonyl(phosphoryl)acrylonitriles and enamines in the synthesis of biologically active heterocycles

Roman M. Solomyannyi, Olga V. Shablykina, Viktoriia S. Moskvina, Volodymyr S. Brovarets


Functionalization of heterocyclic systems with sulfur- and phosphorus-containing pharmacophores has long shown itself as an effective method for construction of new bioactive substances. At the same time, some types of the compounds are represented by only a few examples, and it prevents further evaluation of the contribution of certain structural elements to biological effects of the sulfonyl- and phosphoryl-substituted heterocyclic derivatives studied. Therefore, a relevant task for organic and medicinal chemistry still remains development of new methods for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with sulfonyl and phosphoryl groups, as well as determination of the biological activity of these substances. A structural variety of sulfonyl- and phosphoryl-substituted heterocycles can be achieved by using heterofunctional low-molecular compounds with sulfonyl and phosphoryl groups. This review highlights the information on biologically active heterocyclic compounds synthesized from acrylonitriles and enamines of sulfones, phosphine oxides, and phosphonates series.

Received: 05.02.2020

Revised: 25.05.2020

Accepted: 27.08.2020


acrylonitriles; α-sulfonylacrylonitriles; phosphonylacrylonitriles; enamines; sulfonylenamines; phosphonylenenamines; heterocyclization; biological activity


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