Vol 14, No 4(56) (2016)

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The synthesis, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial activities of ethyl 2-amino-4-alkyl-4,6-dihydropyrano[3,2c][2,1]benzothiazin-3-carboxylate 5,5-dioxides and triethylammonium 3-[(4-hydroxy-1-ethyl-2,2-dioxido-1h-2,1-benzothiazin-3-yl)alkyl]-1- PDF
D. A. Lega, N. I. Filimonova, I. A. Zupanets, S. K. Shebeko, V. P. Chernykh, L. A. Shemchuk 3-11
The interaction of 1-acetylamino-2,2-dichlorethenylphosphonium chlorides with monoethanolamine PDF (Українська)
E. R. Abdurakhmanova, О. V. Holovchenko, V. S. Brovarets 12-15
The synthesis and reactions of diacethyl(dialkoxycarbonyl) substituted hydroxycyclohexanones / A.I.Ismiyev, A.M.Maherramov, V.A.Sukach, M.V.Vovk PDF (Русский)
A. I. Ismiyev, A. M. Maherramov, V. A. Sukach, M. V. Vovk 16-32
The study of the quantitative content, gastro-resistance and related impurities in pantoprazole tablets PDF (Українська)
N. A. Savina, O. M. Kuznetsova, V. V. Bryazkalo, V. M. Britsun, N. V. Ostanina 33-39
A convenient approach to the synthesis of new 4-amino substituted derivatives pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one PDF (Українська)
H. M. Zinchenko, L. V. Muzychka, Ye. V. Verves, O. B. Smolii 40-47
Imidazo(pyrimidine)annelated pyrido[3,2-d]pyrimidine. the synthesis and prediction of the biological activity / I.V.Dyachenko, R.I.Vaskevich, A.I.Vaskevich, M.V.Vovk PDF (Українська)
I. V. Dyachenko, R. I. Vaskevich, A. I. Vaskevich, M. V. Vovk 48-57
Cyclosulfenylation of 3-allylthiohydantoin PDF (Українська)
L. M. Saliyeva, N. Yu. Slyvka, A. I. Vaskevich, M. V. Vovk 58-62
Biologically active compounds from the rhizomes of iris hungarica PDF
O. O. Mykhailenko, V. M. Kovalyov, S. V. Kovalyov, A. V. Krechun 63-66