5-Trifluoromethoxy-substituted Nicotinic Acid, Nicotinamide and Related Compounds





nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, trifluoromethoxy group, antimony trifluoride, fluorination


A practical and convenient method for synthesizing nicotinic acid and nicotinamide with the trifluoromethoxy group in position 5 of the ring has been developed. A series of related compounds, for example, nicotinic aldehyde and nicotinic alcohol, have been synthesized. It has been shown that 3-bromo-5-trifluoromethoxypyridine is a convenient and efficient synthon for palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions. The trifluoromethoxy group has been found to be remarkably stable against hydroiodic acid in contrast to the methoxy group.

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